Halo Infinite is NOT Getting Cancelled For Xbox One, Says 343 Community Manager

Hatem Amer
Hatem Amer
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False alarm: Halo Infinite is not getting canceled for last-gen Xbox. What a relief. Just yesterday, rumors started circulating that the game’s Xbox One version might be getting axed. The source was a post on LinkedIn by one of 343 Industries’ employees, but that’s another story.

What matters now, however, is that the game has been confirmed to be coming to Xbox One. Just how and who is the real question now.

Halo Infinite Is Still Scheduled for Xbox One

Thankfully, 343 Industries’ community manager John Junyszek came in with the unambiguous answer.

This tweet came in response to a now-deleted tweet asking whether Halo Infinite’s development for Xbox One was stopped. So, no we can still enjoy the game on our trusty old Xbox Ones. But the question now is, how is this going to happen?

The update from the 343 Industries’ employee was clear, he listed himself as working on Halo Infinite for Xbox Series X/S and PC only. So clearly he is not working on old-gen. It’s possible he just made a mistake, but extremely unlikely.

What is more likely however, is that Halo Infinite is taking a path similar to Forza Horizon. For those uninitiated, Forza Horizon 2, released back in 2014 in the dawn of Xbox One, was developed for two separate consoles by two separate developers. While Playground Games took the lead and developed the then-next-gen version of the game, Sumo Digital was left to work on the game for Xbox 360.

If Halo Infinite is taking the same route, then it is very likely that while 343 Industries is working on the new Xbox port of the game while another studio is working in parallel to bring the game to everyone else who has not upgraded yet. Which developer, however, is taking part in this? There are currently no clues, but it would most probably be another 1st party developer. Microsoft is unlikely to take chances with its flagship title, after all.

Until we get further confirmation, there is no definite answer whether this is the case or not. We can, however, bask in the knowledge that Halo Infinite is still coming to Xbox One and has not been scrapped, after all.

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