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Alexander Folly
Alexander Folly
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Twitter has released a new update for iOS users that will allow them to limit the number of replies they receive on a tweet. This feature has been in the works since May, and beta tested by iOS users for months now. Twitter has finally decided to release it to the world.

The update aims at giving users the ability to close off their tweets to large never-ending strings. A symptom of much of Twitter culture, it can still fill up your inbox pretty quickly. Now, with the ability to limit replies, you can place a cap on that string before it gets out of control.

This is no doubt a tool for closing off harrassment on the platform. Giving users more control over who can talk to them, and interact with them on the platform.

The feature is baked into Twitter’s mobile interface. When composing a tweet, check your reply options just above the tweet itself. You will be presented with this screen,

Twitter Reply Options

From here you have the option to allow everyone to reply, or just people you follow, and people you mention. These settings will only effect the single tweet that you set it for, and will need to be redone for every tweet you send.

The Twitter Community Responds

The feature has already caused a wildfire of memes on the platform. Strange new ways to get around the reply limits have been cropping up, and now have begun to work their way into the mainstream twitter world. With iOS users leading the push, the entire platform is watching the reception.

It is not yet clear when the feature will be made available for browser users, or Andriod users, but the rollout is expected to be within the next few months. No doubt equipped with all the memes and methods created by their iOS brethren.

Many users report that the feature can limit honest conversation, giving users more ability to close themselves off. Others have stated that the feature has given them some much-needed peace on their profiles. Overall, the reception is a mixed bag on Twitter, which is no big surprise.

With a clear effort to curb harrasment on the platform, time will tell how effective Twitter has been at giving users the tools they need to protect themselves.

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