Resident Evil Village To Include Open World Design, Says Leaker

Hatem Amer
Hatem Amer
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Ever since the attack, Capcom has been in crisis mode. While the leaks have slowed down, there is still no resolution to the whole ordeal. From upcoming games, to release schedule, and even employee data. We even got spoilers for the plot of Resident Evil Village.

And it looks like the leaks have not stopped coming (beware of spoilers floating around). And today, we are getting more details of the gameplay of Resident Evil Village. However, the source is much less malicious.

Resident Evil Village To Feature A Small Open World

According to famed leaker Dusk Golem (@AestheticGamer1) Capcom is taking a different path with Resident Evil Village. In a thread of 2 tweets, Dusk Golem detailed some of the upcoming gameplay mechanics.

The tweets give details of two new features/mechanics of the upcoming game. Replying to another tweet, Dusk Golem stated two distinctive things about Resident Evil Village. First, he stated that the game will include a “small open world design”. This is a bit interesting of an interesting decision on Capcom’s part. It gets even more interesting as the leaker states that Metroidvania is the word the team uses. He mentions how the game world is entirely connected and how there will be more backtracking than previous titles.

While there is little to go off that, it is not hard to imagine how it will go. A Castlevania-like world that is small in scale but where each area is much more significant sounds like a fantastic setting for a Resident Evil Village. It’s like giving you PTSD and then triggering your episodes at will.

The second half of the tweet details nudity and sexual content in the game. But hold up right there, nudity and sexual content in Resident Evil isn’t exactly what it sounds like. According to Dusk Golem, when the infamous “tall lady” is killed she/it is shown naked for a second before turning into the spider things they change into. It seems the nudity is more of a freedom thing for designers.

Alas, nothing official has come out of Capcom just yet. The publisher’s attention is more on fighting leaks than confirming them. So take these leaks with a grain of salt. But in the meanwhile, we can hope and speculate about how these additions would make Resident Evil Village the best in the series yet.

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