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    Resident Evil Village Plot Details Uncovered in Latest Capcom Leak


    Capcom just can’t catch a break. With leaks coming in nearly every day, Capcom has chosen to stick to fighting the hackers instead of complying. Team Ragnar, the anonymous group that had been holding Capcom’s data hostage, backed their threats again. In yet another dump from Ragnar (19GB this time, and still out there) a lot has leaked, mostly surrounding the Resident Evil franchise and the upcoming Resident Evil Village.

    Resident Evil Village Leaks

    After the release date for Resident Evil Village was leaked just last week (late April 2021), Ragnar released new (more vital) data from the game. This time, Ragnar released major fully-rendered cut-scenes. A lot of cut-scenes were leaked and a lot of plot details were uncovered. So, if you’re holding out on the next game in the Resident Evil series, this is your cue to stop reading.


    Here are the titles of the cut-scenes revealed in the dump – as disjointed and censored as possible. So, for the strong of heart: proceed at your own risk:

    • Recollection with Mia Secondary
    • Cars collide, Elena and 2F Secondary
    • Heading to Elena and the Attic_Secondary
    • Chris edition start_secondary
    • Giant Kadu Bomb Installation_Secondary
    • Giant Kadu Bomb Installation_Director Check
    • Mia rescuesecondary

    We tried to not be too blunt with the spoilers, but any Resident Evil fan can probably make educated guesses. After all, these are the titles of the Resident Evil 8 cut-scenes. Hey, we warned you! The leaked cut-scenes are very reminiscent of what happened with The Last of Us 2. Back then, cut-scenes were similarly leaked; entire rendered cut-scenes that, more or less, gave away most of the plot.

    Such leaks are especially damaging to narrative-driven games like Resident Evil Village and The Last of Us. But who knows, some people just like to play a fill-in-the-blanks guessing game until release.

    Hatem Amer
    Hatem Amer
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