The 7 weirdest mobile applications!

Mikey Sebastian
Mikey Sebastian
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Most of the applications on your smartphone are useful and serve some sort of purpose, right? Some help improve communication; others help kill time when required and so on so forth. Anyway, that’s usually the case. Nevertheless, there are still some pretty weird mobile applications out there. Both Play Store as well as App Store have large varieties of such mobile applications available to you. It’s simply amazing how some of this apps we’re going to mention below made it to the public. Most, if not all, of these will certainly not make a difference in your life. Here are the 7 weirdest mobile applications on the smartphone market.


Nothing Mobile app

This app is exactly what its name suggests. It’s literally NOTHING. This app does not even have an assigned icon attached to it. All you’ll be staring at is a blank page when you download this app. When the app is launched all that is displayed is a black blank screen and nothing else. You may have found mobile applications that perform differently than what was described but not with this one. Big up to the developers for achieving exactly what they set out to do, absolutely nothing. What’s even weirder is that they even had the audacity to include a Pro Version that will cost you about one dollar. Guess what you get when you buy that version…nothing.


Cuddlr mobile application

The next application may not be as pointless as the one we just highlighted, but it’s equally as weird nonetheless. This location-based application allows the user to find people around them that love cuddling but are afraid to admit it. If you’re the type that loves cuddling but doesn’t want to get into anything serious then this app is one you should definitely check out. Anyway, creepy or cute? That’s something we’ll leave up to you to decide. The app is free and can only run on iOS. However, it’s coming to Android soon.



SMTH Mobile Application

Now, this mobile application is not only weird, but extremely harmful to your phone as well. If two children of this era were sat down and told to come with an idea for a mobile app we’re almost certain they’d produce something so much better than this. This game involves throwing your phone as high as you can and then letting the app calculate the height of your throw. Yeah, you read that right. The app requires throwing your phone upwards into the air as high as possible. You and your friends can challenge each other by seeing who can get the highest score, however, that’s only until your phone eventually breaks. Nevertheless, if you’re bored and you want to infuse some sense of adventure in your life then go for it.


Pimple Popper

Pimple Popper Mobile app

Most people hate pimples, probably even you, right? If so, you now have the chance to pop them in the real world as well as in the virtual one as well. Pimple popper is an app that allows you to pop virtual pimples. You can choose between four types of pimples to pop. The application even has instructions on how you should pop each particular pimple (whiteheads, blackheads etc). Actually, come to think of it you might just learn a thing or two on how to effectively handle any pimple situation you might have to deal with in reality.


Demotivational Pics

Demotivational Pictures application

Okay, if that name alone doesn’t incite unpleasantness then we’re not sure what can. As in the name itself wouldn’t push a reader into clicking on the app. But hey, curiosity did kill the cat, no? Maybe your curiosity will get the better of you. Anyway, this app is designed to take you through the vilest and most disturbing pictures which are displayed to do nothing but make you feel grossed out all day. The goal of this application is to keep your frown upside down, and it does just that. It’s free and runs on both iOS and Android operating systems. Make a bad day worse, get this app.

Run Pee Run Pee Mobile App

Mobile applications have come a long way. This particular one is a bit funny because it might just prove a little helpful to those of you that suffer low bladder control. The app’s concept is rather weird, but, ingenious at the same time. You know when you’re sitting in the movie theatre then you suddenly have to pee but can’t decide when to go because you don’t want to risk missing any important parts. Well, this application lets you solve all this. It vibrates to inform you when the less important scenes of the movie are coming up giving you a pee go ahead. It even tells you when the movie has an ending credit scene so you don’t miss out. All you need to do is, before the movie begins, start the timer and relax.


Yo Mobile App

If you’ve not watched the HBO original hit series, “Silicon Valley”, then you definitely won’t know about the “Bro App” that was created in the show. Anyway, Yo was basically inspired from the Bro app that was introduced in the show. The application is designed similar to how a messaging app would. However, there’s a caveat. The only thing you’ll be allowed to send to your contacts is “Yo”. That’s literally all you can send. For the life of me I’m not completely sure why anyone would want to waste the space on their phone with this app, but hey, to each their own right? Have at it if you think it’s something you might enjoy using, although we certainly doubt that.


Well now you know the mobile applications you can get that are simply a complete waste of time as well as phone memory space. The above listed are the 7 weirdest mobile applications you’ll find on either Play Store or App Store. It’s a real mystery why most of this applications even exist, not to mention what the developers of these apps were thinking when bringing these apps to the world. Try some out and tell us how much of your life you’ve wasted. We’d love your input. Oh, and if you know any other weird ones, jot them down on the comments section below.

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