Why Does Spotify Stop Playing When Screen is Off on iPhone? Fixed

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Sherdil Khanzada
Sherdil Khanzada
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Spotify offers its service across multiple platforms. It is most popular for its mobile app, which makes listening to music extremely convenient for users. Listening to music seamlessly is a great feeling, but what if you decide to lock your phone and the music instantly stops? As frustrating as it might be, we know exactly why this happens and how to solve it. Let’s take a look at how to fix Spotify stops playing when the screen is off.

Cause of Spotify Interruption

Let’s say you’re listening to music on Spotify on your iPhone. You lock your phone or press home, and the music suddenly stops. Why does this happen? Spotify stops playing music when your screen turns off because Spotify does not have permission to run in the background. This can also occur due to Low Power Mode. Let’s take a look at how to fix this issue!

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Fixing Spotify Stopping Music When Screen is Off

There are two ways we can resolve this issue, by turning on the background app refresh for Spotify and by disabling low power mode. Let’s take a look at how we can eradicate this problem.

Turning On Background App Refresh

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Scroll down and tap Spotify.
  3. From here, toggle Background App Refresh off.

Disabling Low Power Mode

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Go into Battery settings.
  3. From here, toggle Low Power Mode off.


By either turning off the Background App Refresh or turning off Low Power Mode, you can fix this issue easily! If this article helped you, let us know in the comments below, and tell us what you’re listening to. Make sure to react with one of the emojis below to let us know how we’re doing while you’re at it!

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