You Can Ride Monsters in Monster Hunter Rise, According to Trusted Leaker

Hatem Amer
Hatem Amer
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If there is something universally praised about the monster hunter franchise is how the series is not afraid of change. Every new title comes with significant changes to mechanics, for better or worse. Tri made monsters a lot more interactive and World came with the whole no zones thing. So, it stands to reason that Monster Hunter Rise will twist the original formula to open new gameplay.

Monster Hunter World’s mount mechanic was on the weirder end. It was forgettable for some; janky wall slams and weird input requirements made the mechanic weird to execute. For others, it was incredibly enjoyable coupled with clutch clawing. But once again, it seems Capcom is scrapping this mechanic in favor of a new one in Monster Hunter Rise.

The old mount mechanic

Monster Hunter Rise Is Getting A New Mount Mechanic

Reddit user u/PracticalBrush12 released some info regarding the new mechanic replacing the old mount.

Before we go on with the details of the new mount, u/PracticalBrush12 is a very well reputed leaker. He correctly called Monster Hunter Rise coming to the Nintendo Switch more than 3 months ago. He also leaked Byleth & Steve being added to Smash.

Now, the new mechanic he is teasing sounds a lot more mount-y than the old one. Apparently, the new mount allows you to fully ride a monster rather than just attack it from above. This means you get to ride a monster, control its movements, use its attacks, and – yes – slam it into walls. So if you were ever dreaming of ramming into a Barroth while riding another, you can look forward to it in Monster Hunter Rise.

According to u/PracticalBrush12, you can initiate this sequence by sheathing your weapon and pressing A. Upon starting, you get to ride the monster for the duration of a timed meter that you can refill by landing attacks while riding, gets depleted faster when you get hit, and lasts around a minute or so otherwise.

There were not a lot of other details spilled about this supposed mechanic, but it sure does sound exciting. But with Monster Hunter Rise coming in just a few months, we are likely to see more and more details revealed.

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