Clubhouse App Has A Vulnerability That Let’s Room’s Be Recorded

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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Clubhouse App is the latest social media app thats exclusive to the iPhone right now. The app offers voice room style of chat with major icons like Elon Musk holding live sessions in the app as well for Q&A. It appears that the app isn’t as secure as we thought as a new vulnerability has confirmed that room sessions can be recorded and shared.

The Clubhouse App is far from secure

The Clubhouse App is definitely shaping up to the next big social media app, but if the security issue isn’t patched soon, it could be the downfall of the app.

According to Jane Manchun Wong, an engineer who is known for finding out app features and more before any one else, has just made the discovery.

It is confirmed by independent searches that there are apps out there which let users record and share entire room recordings without consent or knowledge of people in the party that they are being recorded.

This is problematic as this removes the entire element of privacy and discretion that the app is recognized for. This would be the equivalent of having your private Facebook activity broadcast by a Twitter bot wired to live tweet your words.

As a massive invasion of privacy, this is still relatively a new finding. It has yet to be addressed by Clubhouse and if left unchecked, could mean an early checkout from the current pool of iPhone users using the app.

While social media is known to leverage on data, the privacy element of Clubhouse is what made it unique to Twitter or Facebook, the ability to have conversations privately without being spied on.

Should the ability to record and share room recordings become more widespread, this could mean an early end for the social media app.

For now, we will have to wait for Clubhouse to address the issue and talk about how they plan on addressing the security issue and what they plan on doing about the apps that are currently out there.

If you are an active user on the app, make sure you watch what you say and try to be in rooms with people you know and trust until this is resolved.

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