Fortnite: New Marvel Skins Revealed by Well Known Leaker

Hatem Amer
Hatem Amer
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Plenty of courageous crossovers and equally as many leaks. Fortnite is known for its crazy skins and emotes so it came to no one’s surprise when they jumped from streamer skins over to superheroes and then to video game characters. In fact, Halo and God of War crossover events that were leaked over a month ago were just released at TGA a few days ago.

Just last season, Marvel was massive in Fortnite with a many skins being made available to players. Obviously, the blockbuster dears took center stage. Iron Man, Thor, Spiderman, and Groot among others got their very own skins. And it seems Marvel might not have had enough, after all.

Fortnite Skins of More Marvel Characters

Well known leaker and data miner @ShiinaBR dug up some files to reveal new skins and features coming to Fortnite. In a series of tweets, the leaker showed pictures of 3 upcoming skins: Black Panther, Captain Marvel, as well as Taskmaster

It also seems as though the new characters will be coming together as a part of a single pack. ‘All Marvel skins will be part of a “Marvel: Royalty & Warriors” Pack,’ says the leaker.

But that is not all because @ShiinaBR with the help of @Guille_GAG released a video of a new encrypted emote. The emote is called “Wakanda Forever” and shows the popular gesture from the Black Panther movies and franchise. Apparently, they DO do that in Fortnite.

After a round of mashups with other franchises like Halo, God of War, and Star Wars: The Mandalorian, it seems Epic is going back to Marvel. But after all, this isn’t too surprising. Partnering up with the largest media franchise in the world (Disney) is a move that’s extremely advantageous to Fortnite. The game is built on a sense of community that rivals Super Smash. After all, politics makes strange bedfellows.

When the new skins and features are coming, though, was not disclosed. But we are in the beginnings of Season 5 still, so it wouldn’t be strange to see the new characters dropping in soon.

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