Fortnite x Halo Crossover Event Cosmetics, Potentially Leaked

Hatem Amer
Hatem Amer
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Fortnite Battle Royale is on fire! First The Mandalorian, then Kratos from God of War, and now the Master Chief. It seems far fetched, but if anything that’s what Fortnite has always been about.

Just a few days ago we got (kind of verified) rumors and leaks about Kratos joining Fortnite, possibly as a playable outfit. Sony released a playful teaser on Twitter, and a promotional image leaked showing that Epic is going into new territories. This would mark the first time characters from other game franchises jumps into the Fortnite world.

But it’s surely not the last, as we got word from @FBNRUnreleased and @FBNRLeaks that the next game crossover is none other than Microsoft’s dear Halo. According to @FBNRUnreleased, who is the trusted leaker who has been giving us some juicy details about Season 5, there will be a “capture the flag type competitive event” that’s landing with a Halo collaboration.

But that’s not all. We also got some confirmed screens flaunting the new cosmetic items that are coming in. The images show a Master Chief outfit (obviously), a “Lil’ Warthog” M12 Warthog emote, and a UNSC Pelican Glider.

Interestingly enough, @FBNRUnreleased also mentioned a Red vs Blue limited time game mode that could be coming in the future.

Crossovers and collaborations have always been Fortnite’s thing. Epic has been getting us new exciting skins with every new season and event. Last year they enlisted Marvel Comics to bring in a bunch of super heroes to the roster of Fortnite. And then there was the Disney with the Mandalorian, and DC with Batman and co. Fortnite might be competing with Smash Bros as the most inclusive game ever. However, massive game franchises from giants like Sony and Microsoft- that’s a new direction.

The direction Epic is taking the game to is interesting. After they lost a huge chunk of their player base due to the whole Apple debacle, it seems Epic is trying to make up for lost time. Tying relations with the both Sony and Microsoft at once could be a strategic move to solidify their bases on both the PlayStation and Xbox. What’s next? Mario playable outfit? (please be a thing).

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