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Sony and Microsoft Expected to Release Next-Gen Consoles by 2028

According to a recent document, the launch of the new consoles for

Muhammad Zuhair Muhammad Zuhair

Microsoft Has Reportedly Offered to Keep Call of Duty Exclusive to PlayStation for a Decade

Microsoft reportedly made Sony an offer that would keep the Call of

Muhammad Zuhair Muhammad Zuhair

Microsoft Edge Is Integrating Its Own Math Solver In The Browser

It seems that Microsoft Edge Math Solver could be a dream come

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How to Download xCloud app on Windows 10 Early

If you are looking on a guide on how to Download xCloud

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Halo Infinite Coming in The Spring, Master Chief Mocap Actor Says

Master Chief motion capture actor, Bruce Thomas, reveals that Halo Infinite is

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Fortnite x Halo Crossover Event Cosmetics, Potentially Leaked

Halo crossover event and cosmetics possibly leaked ahead of time. Epic is

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Microsoft set to buy Bethesda parent ZeniMax for $7.5B

Last month Microsoft was looking to acquire TikTok, before being outbid by

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