Good News: PS5 May be Supersampling 4K

Hatem Amer
Hatem Amer
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Before the dust settles, people are still exploring their new next-gen toys. The PS5 release date was 12 Nov. That means it has already been an eventful day in the US, Canada, New Zealand, South Korea, and Singapore (sorry EU). People are super excited about taking out their new consoles. So, of the waves of ecstatic games one person received a special surprise in their PS5 box:

PS5 supersamples 4K on 1440p screens

Yes, no one asked for it but many are excited. User @1AxelGaming reported that upon hooking up their brand new PS5 to his 1440p monitor, they discovered that the console was outputting a resolution of 2160p.

@1AxelGaming1 was using a Dell 32 curved gaming monitor. They realized that the PS5 was rendering 4K before outputting it to the native 1440p resolution of the monitor. Other Twitter users joined in on the excitement. So it is confirmed that they will not have to compromise with their own 1440p monitors.

One caveat though: @1AxelGaming1 confirmed that this means potentially bad news for the competitive gamers. The PS5 will be capping the framerate to 60. Yes, even on higher refresh rate monitors (1440p @120hz is a sweet spot for many gaming monitors). This comes as little surprise since the PS5 did not seem to be outputting native 1440p.

The majority of the community is celebrating this delightful surprise. However, the competitive gaming community will surely be dismayed. With that said, the new PlayStation is still new and we’re yet to see if Sony has any plans to fix this issue. But until then, the average gamer can rejoice!

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