How to choose the right Cryptocurrency to Invest in

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Mikey Sebastian
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The price of a coin can be broken down into both value and speculation. This is much like how stocks are broken down as well. However, in crypto’s current state whereby a large number of digital coins lack a finished product they can offer just yet, these terms may tend to adopt a meaning that’s slightly different from the ones understood in traditional finance. In this article, speculation is basically “hype”, by which we mean the amount of marketing that’s been put into the coin. Value, on the other hand, is the “technical progress” of the coin itself. Anyway, if how to choose the right cryptocurrency is something you’ve been pondering lately then you happen to be just in the right place. Walk with us and let’s try to show you how things work.


Do Some Thorough Research About The Currency

This goes without saying we hope? Anyway, before you go ahead and invest in any cryptocurrency it’s vital you do your due diligence. This is regardless of its market cap or how well it stands in the market. Always try and read as much as you can about the currency you’re eyeing. Go through the whitepapers, the currency’s website and join any forum where you can possibly get information associated with it.

Look up the reasons for the currency’s creation in the first place as well as the cause that particular developer stands for. Will the currency solve real-world problems? Are the goals it has practical as well as attainable? Have you ever heard about the founders before? Is their name a popular one in their domain? All this information will give you a clear grasp of the currency as a whole.

Crypto Choose the right cryptocurrency


24hrs Volume

In a particular crypto-coin or digital currency, analyzing the day-to-day trade values will help you establish whether your investment in the coin will prove worth it or not. However, these values are normally stated as BTC and USC. If your daily trade value is high, this will, in turn, give you an idea of the coin’s strength. Most experts will normally advise that you pick a digital currency that’s minimum trade value measures in at around ten thousand USD per day. This not only shows but also establishes the trust levels people have when it comes to investing in it. Actually, it’s a very rare sight finding a successful crypto investor buying a particular digital currency with a lower trading volume.


Current Market Price And Capital

Multiplying the number of digital coins that the market price is currently based on will help you estimate the value of that particular cryptocurrency. However, you can only use mining when it comes to cryptocurrencies. Fun fact, did you know that a majority of cryptocurrency is normally increased in amount with the objective of attracting certain crypto users. Especially, those that trade too much. This is exactly the reason why it’s very useful to understand the real money limit and value before choosing the currency.

The crypto’s current price doesn’t signify what its real value is. Oh, and another very important thing to keep a keen eye out for is what the future and technical goals of that particular digital currency may be. A low coin price is not something that should deceive you into investing in that particular cryptocurrency. Always try to keep that in mind.

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Developer Activity and Behavior

We can’t go on without first stressing on how important this next step is. This is a key point you should definitely think upon hard. Any software development whizz, or one that claims to be, can come up with their very own digital currency without really breaking a sweat. Basically, with this, we’re trying to show you that getting scammed is certainly a big possibility. This is because many of these coins, both successful as well as the unsuccessful ones, release their products on a variety of platforms for wider noticeability.

Nonetheless, it’s always good to remember to search and analyze the regularity and history of the crypto developer so as to reduce the risk of a wrong investment.


Cryptocurrency Liquidity

You can measure cryptocurrency flow by BTC volume and volume percentage. The cryptocurrency flow presence is directly in proportion to what is commonly known as “Wash Trading”, of which can happen at both the lower and higher volumes of a cryptocurrency. To prevent experiencing such a situation you’ll need to make use of lower volume stocks. Another thing you should try to never forget is that for more crypto traders to be attracted there usually needs to be some bloated changes in the volume. When transactions happen involving both digital stock and currency, ensure you’ve thoroughly analyzed the growth of volume before prices increases.


Tracking Your Portfolio Movements

While it’s good to always have a diversified portfolio, you’ll also always almost be forced to keep a very keen eye on it. Ensure you’re aware at all times at what price the digital coin you’ve bought is trading at. Keep close tabs on how your currency is performing and adjust your targets and stop-loss accordingly. There are several programs as well as applications that can help you in tracking all of the many price movements.

Growth Choose the right cryptocurrency


Use Safe Platforms

Last but not least concerning how to choose the right cryptocurrency is on the importance of using safe platforms. Avoid trading digital currency on unknown platforms. These often times prove to be unsafe. Bigger names, most of the time, will charge much higher fees but paying these large sums is always better than having to lose your whole investment to either hacking or theft. Don’t you think so as well?



Today’s crypto world can seem to be a scary, loose and wild realm to some people, however, the truth is if you’re careful enough you really won’t have to go into risk. Always try to invest in substantial things. In fact, that should be what you use as your rule of thumb. Don’t be afraid of this brave new financial world. It might just be where all the success and opportunity you’ve been looking for is hiding. The Gadget Gang is here to help you through.

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