Mass Effect Legendary Edition Coming In February 2021

Hatem Amer
Hatem Amer
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The Game Awards came with good news for all the Mass Effect franchise fans. Viewers were treated to a cryptic teaser trailer alluding to a new installment in the series. The video ended on a screen clearly reading “Mass Effect Will Continue”. So far, we have no clue about when this game is going to hit. Until then, we have something else Mass Effect to look forward to.

Remake season is in and Mass Effect Legendary Edition is set to include a remake of the original Mass Effect title. It is a pack of the original 3 games with a little extra squeezed in. Announced back on November 7 (the infamous N7 day), this pack and remake is set to bring all the polish of the sequels to the game that started it all.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Releasing in Feb 2021

The announcement of the game in a blog by Bioware mentioned a Spring 2021 release. However, we got more info courtesy of Gamespot. According to this article from Gamespot, we will be seeing Mass Effect Legendary Edition as early as next February.

The remake is aimed at bringing Mass Effect 1 to 2021 standards. The pack is also made to be a sort of collection of everything about the first trilogy. The set will include “single-player base content and DLC from Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, and Mass Effect 3, plus promo weapons, armors, and packs”. It will be released for PC and last-gen consoles with forward compatibility.

The Next Mass Effect: What do we know?

Besides Mass Effect Legendary Edition, there are a few things we can guess about the next Mass Effect. With the Legendary Edition coming and from what we saw in the teaser, we can hope that BioWare has learned its lesson from Mass Effect Andromeda. The trailer seems to hint that the next game will pick up where Mass Effect 3 left off.

With Liara T’Soni featuring in the short teaser, it seems the developer are finally giving fans what they want. There is little to be guessed about the setting of the next game, but it is clearly hinted at to be much more likely to tie in to the original trilogy. When, how, or where is currently totally unknown but we hope BioWare delivers the hype.

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