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    DJI Action 3: Release Date, Leaks, and All We Know


    DJI is rumored to have planned its future Action camera launch in the coming year. So, while we’ll probably witness the much-awaited DJI Pocket 3 in fall 2022, the tech giant has likely scheduled the DJI Action 3 release date in November 2023. According to the rumor mill, the new DJI Action 3 will have the following features.

    • Bigger 1-inch camera sensor
    • Rugged design
    • Improved heat management
    • Better battery life

    For now, nothing official has surfaced online regarding what this anticipated camera would bring for us. But the drone enthusiasts have numerous speculations about the DJI Action 3 features and specs that we’ll round up here.

    DJI Action 3 Expected Features

    DJI first launched its Osmo Action camera in 2019 as a challenge for the GoPro Hero series. Following the DJI Osmo Action, the firm launched DJI Action 2 in 2021, which contained numerous design tweaks and feature upgrades.

    While DJI Action 2 wasn’t the best, it made a significant jump regarding feature enhancements. For example, it had a larger 1/1.7-inch sensor compared to its predecessor with 1/2.3-inch. Likewise, it features a super-wide 155° FOV, offers support for SloMo videos and 4K recordings, and boasts a waterproof design.

    So, with the DJI Action 3, the company naturally strives to bring in more improvements to grab more customers. Considering the legacy of feature upgrades and the users’ demands, here’s what we expect to see with the DJI Action 3.

    Bigger Camera

    Just as the DJI Action 2 featured an improved camera, the DJI Action 3 might feature an even better one with a larger sensor. Perhaps, we may witness the huge 1-inch sensor in the upcoming variant. Given that this huge sensor is already available in the DJI Air 2, it isn’t weird to expect the same in the DJI Action 3. Indeed, its rich photographic abilities would be further enhanced with a bigger sensor.

    Better Nighttime Imagery

    Camera improvements don’t only mean specification upgrades for documentation purposes. Instead, these minor tweaks can significantly jazz up the overall camera abilities. So, if we get the anticipated 1-inch sensor with the DJI Action 3, expect the camera to capture even better nighttime images. That means it would also allow you to ditch any additional lighting sources and take better, more realistic lowlight images.

    Robust Design

    The DJI Action 2 introduced a major design update from the previous Osmo Action. It is quite small in size and has a sleek metallic form factor that makes it extremely handy. But this handiness came at the cost of its sturdiness. So, with the Action 3 variant, we really expect the firm to bring in the proper rugged design for its camera, making it capable of enduring the heat of the moment when filming live actions.

    Improved Stabilization

    With Action 2, the company introduced the RockSteady 2.0+HorizonSteady technology for stable recordings even during the roughest recording modes. While that sounds impressive, this technology had its limitations. For instance, EIS isn’t available in Slow Motion and Timelapse modes, whereas HorizonSteady can only support 1080p or 2.7k video recordings.

    So, to beat the competition like GoPro Hero 10, DJI must introduce better stabilization with 4k support with its Action 3 camera.

    Increased Battery Life

    The present batteries in Action 2 camera can manage up to 70 minutes of filming. Of course, this time frame can’t suffice to cover your favorite moments; some memories deserve to be recorded in their entirety, which may go beyond a couple of hours.

    Although, you can extend the recording time to up to 160 minutes with the Front Touchscreen module or 180 minutes with the Power module. But it’s kind of a limitation for power users to carry along so many small accessories merely for extended recording sessions.

    So, with Action 3, DJI may consider improving the overall battery duration of the camera unit. It should at least manage around 120 to 160 minutes of recording on its own before integrating any additional module.

    Things We Want To See In DJI Action 3


    Apart from the expected feature enhancements, we would also like the new camera to address the glitches of DJI Action 2. Of course, all its fancy features will be of no use if the camera doesn’t fix the problems of the existing DJI A2. So, here’s our wishlist for the upcoming action gadget.

    Better Heat Management

    Over-heating issue has long been a DJI problem. Both the DJI Pocket 2 and Action 2 have the same issue of getting excessively hot in the middle of filming. And we really anticipate the firm to address this problem with its cameras. While the Action 2’s reduced form factor looked sleek, it ditched any spaces for thermal management components like a heat sink. So, with DJI Action 3, leaving a little room for introducing a heat sink or alike can greatly improve the camera’s usefulness.

    True 10-bit HDR

    Although DJI calls its Action 2 an HDR camera, it precisely lacks the typical 10-bit HDR. So, we want the firm to introduce true HDR with the upcoming Action variant to make it desirable.

    Improved Endurance

    A true action camera should be robust enough to withstand the roughness of live actions. One of the much-needed features at this point is waterproof design. Although the DJI Action 2 bears waterproof, drop-proof, and dust-proof technology, it can only withstand up to 10 meters. Whereas, if you want more, you need to pair it up with a waterproof case to enable it to bear up to 60 meters of depth.

    Though it looks pretty good, we won’t mind the camera setting its users free from the hassle of arranging waterproof cases by featuring better resistance. Specifically, the company can consider bringing in slightly more endurance, like up to 20-30 meters of depth, on its own. It will surely add to the camera’s resilience when coupled with a waterproof casing.

    External Microphone Support

    Though Osmo Action 2 flaunts improved audio results, it still lacks the much-anticipated dedicated slot for an external microphone. This little addition can dramatically enhance the users’ experience, giving them a more personalized sound experience. So, again, tweaking the camera size to make some room for a mic slot will be highly appreciated.

    DJI Action 3 Price

    The firm launched its Action 2 camera with an initial price tag of $399. Given how it brought improvements from its predecessor and anticipating the enhancements with the upcoming variant, the DJI Action 3 will likely come with a price tag of $400 or more.

    DJI Action 3 Release Date

    DJI launched its Action 2 camera in November 2021 – two years after the first Action release. So, considering these timelines, DJI Action 3 release date may fall in November 2023, with the device reaching the markets by the end of November or early December 2023.

    DJI Action 3 Alternatives

    Until the DJI Action 3 arrives, you can satiate your photography cravings with these alternative cameras.

    Wrapping Up

    For all avid photographers, the DJI Action 2 has been a wonderful treat from the firm. So, we naturally expect the upcoming Action 3 model to be even bigger. That is all about what we know so far regarding the forthcoming DJI Action 3 camera. But keep an eye here to stay updated about this fantastic camera because we’ll add more to this roundup as we hear more leaks and rumors.

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