Microsoft Edge Is Integrating Its Own Math Solver In The Browser

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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Microsoft Edge has come a long way since how it started ever since it adopted Chromium to revamp its browser. While it is no longer considered the Internet Explorer it used to be, it still isn’t able to compete with top dogs like Google Chrome. However, a new Math Solver feature that is in the works for the browser could attract the right crowd.

Microsoft Edge Math Solver – Need Quick Maths? Go Edge

Microsoft Edge has broken itself away from its Internet Explorer roots and while it is still far from being the top choice for internet users as a primary browser, it is still shaping up to be a good browser.

A Reddit user, Leopeva64-2 over at r/Edge has discovered a new feature that is currently under development.

Here are a few quick gifs of the feature in action.

You can see that at a surface level, its only a matter of selecting the area you want solved, and there is even an option of manually entering a math problem to solve.

While the feature can quickly help users who rely on WolfRamAlpha to save a click, this is definitely something robust that Microsoft has under development.

While we can’t say when the feature will be rolled out, we do know that when it does, it can definitely turn a few heads towards Microsoft Edge as a more favorable browser for all math geeks out there.

Ordinary internet users will seldom come across such complex equations, but this is a feature for more advanced maths users who frequently have a scientific calculator at hand, use WolfRamAlpha, or even the built-in Calculator app in Windows 10 to do their math. This is a great time saver.

In addition, the app also tells you how it reached the answer so that the user can also learn from it. Another great perk of the feature.

You can also type in your equation should you want to experiment with the current equation before you.

This feature has a lot of professional and academic uses, which can help students and teachers alike in better understanding math.

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