Rumor: Bethesda Developing a New Title

Hatem Amer
Hatem Amer
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All fingers point to a new Bethesda game(s?) being in development. Bethesda Game Studios Montreal and Austin are hiring and the job listings provide us with important details. The listings confirm that the game studios are working on new unannounced titles. We have nothing mysterious lined up from Bethesda (besides Starfield, that is). Naturally, people are speculating what the new titles could be.

The job listings and clues point to the possible titles being “SpyTeam” and “Giant Monster News.” Turns out, these forgotten titles have quite the history and were actually known to the community for a long while now.

So which title is it?

In fact, Zenimax (the parent company of Bethesda) acquired the trademark for “SpyTeam” back in 2018. We knew nothing about the possible project back then, and still don’t know much besides speculation on the weirdly descriptive name. This possibility has been gaining some traction from the people excited for a new spy game from Bethesda. It also helps that the other possible title is a bit more dubious.

Zenimax acquired the trademark “Giant Monster News” even earlier in 2012. Since then it has been the center of many rumors and speculations. It was even thought to be a Skyrim DLC at one point (this was since proven false). However, others are skeptical that this could be the new title in question. After all, the trademark has been sitting since 2012. The title “Giant Moster News” also seems a bit out there for Bethesda’s standard catalog. So here we are now adding to that pile of speculations, could it be the next Bethesda title?

Whichever title it turns out to be, there is a silver lining. It is almost confirmed: Bethesda Game Studios is working on a new game. “SpyTeam”, “Giant Monster News”, or maybe a totally unexpected project; we’re all waiting for the announcements.

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