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Google’s Pixel 6a Leaves Behind iPhone 14 Pro Max in Blind Camera Testing

The Pixel 6a was released earlier this year for $449, and when…

Muhammad Zuhair Muhammad Zuhair

Google Passkey Rollout for Android and Chrome Signup Open Today

It seems that Google is working on rolling out Google Passkey to…

Rizwan Anwer Rizwan Anwer

All The Features Currently Known About Android 12

Here is everything we know so far about Android 12, while none…

Rizwan Anwer Rizwan Anwer

You can now create a QR Code for any webpage or image in Google Chrome

It seems that a new feature in Google Chrome lets you generate…

Rizwan Anwer Rizwan Anwer

Terraria for Google Stadia Canceled by Creator

Terraria for Google Stadia has been canceled by its creator, will this…

Rizwan Anwer Rizwan Anwer

Google Stadia can work on iOS devices with a simple browser trick

It seems that users can now get Google Stadia to work on…

Rizwan Anwer Rizwan Anwer

Google Duo brings screen sharing for Android phones

Google Duo has begun initial rollout of its screen sharing feature which…

Rizwan Anwer Rizwan Anwer

Google Discontinues Paid Chrome Extensions

Google made an announcement recently that is discontinuing the paid Chrome extensions.…

Kevin Gabeci Kevin Gabeci

Google and Apple’s app store duopoly may soon be over

App developers aren't happy with the companies' exorbitant fees

Faida Yves Moses Faida Yves Moses

Google Chrome on Android brings secure DNS to the Android browser

Google Chrome on Android just got slightly more security with the ability…

Rizwan Anwer Rizwan Anwer