Ace Attorney 7, Released Q3 2021

Hatem Amer
Hatem Amer
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It’s been a tough week for Capcom. The attack and leaks have been coming nonstop. Just 2 days ago (on 15 November) the ransomware attackers leaked a lot of info on Capcom. News about Resident Evil 4, more Monster Hunter, Ace Attorney Collection, and more.

The latest of these leaks has got the Ace Attorney fans all over the world celebrating. It seems we might be getting a 7th entry, after all.

Ace Attorney 7 leaked release date

User u/stealthyfrog on Reddit translated the internal Ace Attorney road map from the leak, confirming there are plans for the franchise. The roadmap shows a few plans for AA 7 and a few other games.

Notably, the plan shows that the development for Ace Attorney 7 is already well underway. Capcom also started the pre-production in Q3 2019. The main development stage of the game started earlier in Q2, according to the leaked plans. Eventually, if this leak proves true Ace Attorney 7 should be getting released somewhere around Q3 2021.

As some of the commenters on the Reddit thread helped figure out, it also seems that the game is supposedly getting released in time with a 20th-anniversary event for the franchise. Interestingly, the first release in the franchise was on 12 October 2001. Some clues to be found here.

Notably, the roadmap shows that after the set of Dai Gyakuten Saiban 1&2 – the sequel to the Japan-exclusive entry to the series – gets released, the developers will be shifting efforts into AA7. Hopefully, this allows them to stick to their plans.

Lastly, the roadmap shows we could be getting a collection release somewhere between now and the release. The trilogy set contains Ace Attorney 4,5, and 6, the roadmap shows. It is also being released sometime in the next year but without a set release date. User u/stealthyfrog speculates this could be due to unknown status or because it is going to be released to fill market gaps.

To Capcom’s great misfortune (and to many fans’ pleasure) the leaks have revealed most of their plans for the coming year. Special condolences to the employees who got their personal data caught in the crossfire. Until then, we can’t wait for this mystery new Ace Attorney title.

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