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    Spider-Man Remastered for PS5 causes system to crash in Rest Mode

    You might be excited to play Spider-Man Remastered for PS5 but do exercise some caution with the title as it comes with a catch.

    RUMOR: Xbox Series X power problems begin surfacing after usage

    Some users are reporting Xbox Series X power problems that are leading to their consoles dying on them within a day of playing them.

    Discord Screen Sharing for Android is in beta testing – set to go live soon

    If you've been waiting for Discord Screen Sharing for Android, the feature is currently in beta testing and is set to go live very soon.

    PS5 Remote Play App for PS4 shows up for users – a new way to play

    With a new icon on the PS4 menu the PS5 remote play app for PS4 shows up for users which can give your PS4 a new sense of purposes.

    Xbox Series X uses a standard M.2 SSD drive that you can easily buy

    If you've been wondering about the Xbox Series X SSD, you'll be glad to know that its a basic model and should become popular very soon.

    Fortnite looking to implement a monthly subscription plan that gives perks

    Fortnite could be working on implementing a monthly subscription model to entice gamers to keep playing the game. A survey is hinting at so.

    The PS5 will tell you how much time you’ve spent playing PS4 games

    The PS5 can tell users how much time they have spent playing PS4 games and will continue tracking that time into the next-generation

    Rumor: Fortnite could be coming to iOS via Nvidia cloud gaming for Safari

    If you're looking for a way to experience Fortnite on iOS, you might get your chance as Nvidia could be bringing the game to you.

    Here is how much usable storage the PS5 and Xbox Series consoles have

    If you're waiting to see how much storage you will have to use on your PS5 or your Xbox Series consoles, you can have a look right now.