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Extra Credit

Extra Credit (XTRA) is officially listed on CoinTiger

The success of cryptocurrencies the likes of Ethreum and Bitcoin has managed to increase the awareness of the advantages that blockchain technology can offer society. What this has resulted in is...
Gofind XR

Gofind XR to Launch ICO sales in February 2019

The Internet is never going to be the same again after the GOFIND XR ICO! This new Blockchain technology is a combination of a search engine and an Extended Reality (XR)...

Embrace Cryptocurrency Mining on a Commercial Scale with the COMBOX ICO!

One of the fastest growing activities in technology is mining cryptocurrency. People exchange their computing power for highly valuable crypto coins. For a long time, altcoin mining has worked using this...
Cryptocurrency cover

Keep your eye out for these Cryptocurrencies in 2019!

Cryptocurrency is a kind of digital asset that is a form of virtual or digital currency. This virtual means of cash is widely used as an untouchable medium of exchange. Cryptocurrency...
Choose the right cryptocurrency

How to choose the right Cryptocurrency to Invest in

The price of a coin can be broken down into both value and speculation. This is much like how stocks are broken down as well. However, in crypto’s current state whereby...

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