NieR Automata Cheat Allows You to Skip to the Last Ending After 1st Boss

    A player has found a NieR Automata cheat that allows you to skip to the last ending immediately after killing the first boss.

    Megaman Legends Coming to PC, Steamdb Records Show

    Records on Steamdb show that a port of the original Megaman Legends will be coming to PC on Steam at a yet unknown release date.

    LEAK: Bully 2 ScreenShots Leaked on the Internet

    Two fresh Bully 2 screenshots were leaked on 4Chan. The original poster found the screenshots on the Bully 2 discord server.

    GTA 6 Weapons Possibly Discovered in References in RDR2 Files

    Mysterious weapons referenced in files from RDR2 could be a hint at GTA 6. The weapons do not appear in either the game itself or GTA 5.

    LEAK: Elden Ring Details Tipped by a Chinese Soulsborne Creator

    Longqi Bangbangtang, a well known Chinese Souls Creator, has spilt the beans over the details of Elden Ring and leaked official concept art.

    Rumour: GTA 4 Complete Edition Could be Coming to The PS5

    GTA 4 Complete Editon could be coming to PS5 on April 29, 2021. A listing for the game was posted Amazon, but removed soon after.