Fortnite Might Be Getting Weapon Mod Slots, Leaks Show

Hatem Amer
Hatem Amer
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One of the things Fortnite players can genuinely brag about is just how much updates they receive. Every new season brings a lot of updates. New game modes, cosmetics, and features keep getting added into the game. And there is always something new on the horizon – like these Marvel skins.

But like every other game, changes to the fundamental mechanics of the game are rare. The game rules can’t keep changing every other week, after all. However, it seems like we might be looking at one of these once-in-a-blue-moon occurrences ahead of time.

Fortnite: Weapon Mod Slots Mechanic Leaked

Twitter user @FortniteBRFeed and well-known leaker @HYPEX leaked some information about a new “weapons mod slots” mechanic. The feature is reportedly going to be added to the game at an undisclosed time.

The images in the tweet are a concept, but weapon mod slots are nothing new to either gaming or real life. Other games and franchises including Call of Duty, PUBG, Rainbow Six have had weapon mods for ages. However, @HYPEX spilled no more details about the upcoming feature. So, it is up to speculation and educated guesses how Epic will implement this feature in Fortnite.

As a battle royale game, it stands to reason that the mods could be found out in the open like in PUBG. However, other games let you customize the weapon before you drop in (specially that gold could do with more uses right now). The other question that comes up is whether this could be a cosmetic change. Fortnite loves cosmetics and although cosmetic weapon mods seem a bit dull of an addition, it is not entirely out of the question.

If weapon mod slots are indeed real and not purely cosmetic, we might be looking at a weapon rework in an upcoming chapter. So, while making a double barrel boogie bomb launcher might be fun the current underlying systems of Fortnite will need massive adjustments in order for that to be possible.

@HYPEX is a fairly trusted leaker who has called multiple confirmed features and skins in the past including some of the latest Winterfest features. Hopefully, we will be able to verify the truth of these leaks soon.

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