Future of Gaming: Virtual Reality and Other Trends

Curtis Smith
Curtis Smith
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In the recent few decades gaming has reached a whole new level. It is not difficult to realize what the future of gaming holds. Beginning from the 2D games today video games are coming closer to the reality while playing even the most basic of the games you will feel as if you are inside that game.

Online Games are becoming increasingly lucrative and competitive. A change like this is kind of on the rise and it is bound to mean one thing: it brings changes in the industry, the new gaming trends are popping up with each passing day and it promises to change the future of gaming. What else can you expect?

AI and automation, virtual reality and augmented reality are closely related cousins and they have been touted as the new technologies that are likely to have a profoundly transformative effect on the way we live and the way we work.

For the upcoming generations and the future you can see how gaming is changing the world for the new generation gamers:

Improvement and increase in the augmented reality

augmented reality

AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) are increasingly enhanced by the AI

It is unlike anything else that has ever happened and developed. VR and AR developers are increasingly coming up with the ideas and developing cognitive functionality into their applications.

With the improved capabilities of the hardware, virtual reality has begun to resurface in the gaming industry. Particularly Oculus Rift, a VR head-mounted display (HMD) which has been created by the Palmer Luckey. In augmented reality, you will be fed with the additional information and the data overlay, digitally and that too in the real time. One such application which would explain to you the use of AR would be Wikitude. All you need is to download the application, hold up your smartphone and point towards the surroundings. The screen will reveal the nearby restaurants, hotels, ATMs, etc. for your navigation.

Another fantastic example is of the game DroidShooting, you need to play this shooter game which will let the player interact with the surroundings in real-time. Al you need is to hold up your smartphone, shoot the targets that will appear from everywhere around you. There is a huge window of possibilities for this kind of gameplay.

Secondary Screens for Gaming

secondary screen

With the booming gaming market for handheld devices like tablets, smartphones, and the console war between the biggest brands (Nintendo, Microsoft, and Nintendo) has intensified. There is a rush to invent secondary gaming devices for the players.

Cloud Gaming

cloud gaming

Thanks to the faster and reliable internet connections the cloud computing technology have begun to gain momentum. With the gaming industry, there is an opportunity to make playing games as easy and fun as movies and music. With cloud gaming, you need not wait for making the updates and downloads. All the data is stored in the clouds and all you need to do is to connect your device to a stable internet connection. With the facility of cloud gaming, playing the games would be cheaper and more easily accessible via the tablets and computers.

Open-source game development

The gaming development scene is largely being dominated by the AAA game developers as well as the small companies. The prevailing environment may fade in the future as new tools arise which makes it very less important to procure the software development kit (SDK) and it further makes it easy for the independent game developers to curate and release their own games.

The return of the handheld consoles

handheld consoles

The handheld consoles seemed like they have died in the 2000s but with the immobile video game consoles like the Xbox and the PlayStation, they are coming back in trend and demand. The success of the Nintendo Switch has signaled that there is still a lot for the audience to discover. In 2020 and years beyond that the handheld technology will become a rage and every gamer would switch back to playing with the handheld consoles. It is going to be one attractive gaming console for the nostalgic old gamers as well as the ones who looking for a gaming experience where they are not distracted by the smartphones and tablets applications.

The gaming field is making some major moves towards amazing gaming technology. As a gaming enthusiast, you are going to forever witness the rapid changes in the gaming field. Cutting edge technology is released every day and these technologies show a massive promise to the worldwide gaming industry.

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