How Long Does a Ring Battery Last?

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How Long Does a Ring Battery Last

According to Ring, their devices can run for a few months before you need to recharge them but many users have claimed that their Ring devices run out in a few weeks, sometimes even in a few days.

So, how long does a Ring battery last?

Ring’s batteries are engineered to last for a few months, however, due to multiple external or internal reasons the battery drains quicker. Ring, on their website, has elaborated on a few reasons why the battery dies quicker than expected. Some of the most common reasons were: deteriorating battery health, too much motion capture, weather conditions, or misplaced device settings.

So, How Long Does a Ring Battery Last Really?

While it is possible that your Ring battery might run for 6 months, or even up to 12 months, but it depends on a lot of ifs and buts. If you ask some Ring users about how long their device’s battery lasts?

Most of their answers fall between 3-4 days and 3-4 months.

Ring claims that their device’s batteries could last for 6 months to 12 months but their figure is more of a sneaky marketing tactic, as their estimates are based on ideal environmental conditions which is rarely the case.

Also, they have assumed that their users use the device “normally” and thus they seem to ignore the figures from users who have “high use” of their Ring doorbells.

Digital doorbells are one of the best tech gadgets to have at your home, they can be pretty frustrating if their batteries keep running out again and again.

4 Reasons Why Your Ring Doorbell Doesn’t Last Long

  1. Temperature: Batteries in Ring devices are made with lithium polymer, and batteries made with lithium polymer are ineffective in temperatures below 40°F. So, if you live in an area where temperatures are constantly low throughout the year, then your Ring battery won’t last long.
    In higher temperatures, your Ring battery might overheat and it will significantly affect its performance.
  2. Motion Capture: Too much motion capture can also severely affect your battery’s performance. The more events your battery captures, the quicker the battery drains. If you have enabled the Live View feature of your Ring doorbell then it drains the device’s battery even quicker.
  3. Power Settings: There are certain features in your Ring device that can drastically drain your device’s battery, you need to disable these features or moderate them in order to stop them from draining your device’s battery.
  4. Technical Issues: If the device’s connection to your Wi-Fi is weak then too the battery might show as low even if it is fully charged. If the Wi-Fi is too far away from your device, then too your Ring’s battery won’t last long.

What to Do If Your Ring Battery Doesn’t Last Long?

Technical Settings

One of the best features about Ring doorbells is their Live View feature, however, this feature is pretty draining towards your device’s battery life. So, if you don’t have any actual usage of this feature, it is recommended that you disable it completely or turn it on only when needed.

If your Wi-Fi is too far away from your Ring’s doorbell then too it can impact your device’s battery and thus, we suggest that you place your Wi-Fi close to your Ring device to make its battery last longer.

You can schedule your motion capture only for those hours where you know you want to capture a motion, for example: when your trash gets picked up.

You can also regulate the motion sensitivity to only capture those motions which are relevant, you can also set up motion zones so that the Ring device only triggers when an event happens in the motion zone.

Sometimes technical settings help you prolong your smartphone’s battery life, similarly, these technical settings will definitely help you in making your Ring battery last longer.

Disabling Features that Drain Your Battery the Most

There are some features in the Ring device that drain your battery a lot, if you disable a few of its features then your device’s battery performance might improve significantly. Below is the screenshot is taken from Ring’s official Customer Support website.

Source: Ring

Frequently Asked Questions about Ring Batteries

How Long Does a Ring Battery Take to Charge?

How much time your battery will take to charge will depend on the temperature of your battery. If your battery is frozen or in cold condition then it’ll take more time to charge than usual. However, in any other case Ring batteries charge fully within 10 hours.

How Do You Install a Ring Doorbell?

Mount the Ring bracket on your wall, near your door, and connect the wires. If you are installing a digital Ring doorbell, then install the diode first. Now, place the Ring doorbell on that bracket and screw it tightly.

How Do You Reset a Ring Doorbell?

  • Hold the orange button down for 20 seconds
  • Release the button
  • Ring doorbell will start flashing, indicating it is restarting
  • Activate the Ring’s set up mode by firmly pressing and rereleasing the orange button

How Do You Connect the Ring Doorbell to a Wi-Fi Network?

  • Open Ring app
  • Click on hamburger menu icon
  • Click on Devices
  • Select Ring Doorbell
  • Tap on Device Health
  • Reconnect to Wi-fi or Change Wi-Fi network

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