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Custom Software Development: What Is Programming?

So what is a computer program? Custom software is a sequence of

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How to (and Why You Should Regularly) Back Up the Windows Registry

Windows is still the most widely used operating system powering PCs. Although

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Simplest ways to convert PDF to Word

Unfortunately, there isn't a document file format that is universal. For different

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Dualbooting – How to Synchronize Your PC Clock on Windows and Linux

All tech enthusiasts run at least two operating systems from the same

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DigitalOcean Vs Vultr: Which VPS Service Is Better?

When infrastructure as a self-managed and service cloud VPS is concerned, Vultr

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How to Delete Skype Account

Microsoft owns and operates Skype among many of its services. Skype is

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Signs Your Old Hard Drive is Dying and How to Save it

The evolution of data storage technology is one of the most astonishing

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What industries use 3D modelling (Infographic)

3D modeling has come a long way since its invention. With images

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3 Android App Development Essentials You Must Know

There are many cool and functional features coming along with the modern-day

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The Top 10 Best FREE Android Apps

We are in an era where the use of computers and smartphones

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