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    Megaman Legends Coming to PC, Steamdb Records Show

    Records on Steamdb show that a port of the original Megaman Legends will be coming to PC on Steam at a yet unknown release date.

    GTA 6 Weapons Possibly Discovered in References in RDR2 Files

    Mysterious weapons referenced in files from RDR2 could be a hint at GTA 6. The weapons do not appear in either the game itself or GTA 5.

    Fortnite Might Be Getting Weapon Mod Slots, Leaks Show

    Trusted leaker HYPEX reports a "weapon mod slots" game mechanic is going to be added to the game and is currently being tested by Epic.

    Mass Effect Legendary Edition Coming In February 2021

    Mass Effect Legendary Edition rumored to be released in February 2021. The next Mass Effect title will continue off the first trilogy.

    Halo Infinite is NOT Getting Cancelled For Xbox One, Says 343 Community Manager

    343 Industries Community Manager confirms that Halo Infinite is coming to Xbox One. It is possible another studio is behind the port.

    Back 4 Blood Maps, Characters, and More Revealed in Recent Leak

    Back 4 Blood upcoming maps, gamemodes, characters, weaoons, and game plot were revealed in a recent leak by a reddit user.

    New Assassin’s Creed Title Coming in Early 2022, According to 4chan

    A 4chan poster claims that next Assassin's Creed title is coming early 2021 and is set in middle ages France during The Hundred Years' War.

    Fortnite: New Marvel Skins Revealed by Well Known Leaker

    New Marvel character skins coming to Fortnite. A well known Fortnite leaker revealed Black Panther, Captain Marvel, and Taskmaster Skins

    CDPR Talks About How Cyberpunk 2077 Was Certified on Last-Gen Consoles

    CDPR talks about the details of the game's release on last-gen consoles in a shareholder conference call Q&A.