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Google Play Music to Shut Down

Google has recently shared a detailed timeline leading to the complete shut

Alexander Folly Alexander Folly

Google Makes a Move – Removing all Danish Music from Youtube

In a surprise move by Google, they have leveraged the full weight

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Halo Goes Free-To-Play!

Rumors have been circling like crazy around the internet regarding Microsoft’s new

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It’s Offical – No New iPhone in September

Apple has recently stated that they will be pushing back the rollout

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It’s Coming! – Google’s Pixel 4A

It’s a phone we’ve been hearing about for a long time now.

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The MMO That Surprised Us All

The MMO market has been a stagnant landscape of giants for almost

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Amazing Games On Offer On The PS Store

Yet another sale from Sony impresses us with amazing games on offer

Alexandru Moscalu Alexandru Moscalu

Meet UbuntuDDE, the Ultimate Desktop Solution for Ubuntu Fans

Two weeks ago, April 23rd, Canonical, finally, released Ubuntu 20.04. This is

Motuka Minda Motuka Minda

New Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Allows For CrossPlay!

War gamers all over the world are jittery with excitement over the

Jamie Mwangi Jamie Mwangi

Top Games of E3 2019

E3 has come and gone, leaving us in the gaming industry with

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