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    Top 10 Games Coming to PS5

    As the PS5 release is coming closer the games list is getting bigger. The games that are going to get released on the launch of the console are important and here's a list of the ones that are already confirmed.

    Best ARK Server Hosting Providers in 2020

    Playing on a slow server is not fun at all, especially on a game like ARK where every split second counts. That's...

    Xbox Remote Play now live on iOS courtesy of new app update

    It seems that a new app update has made Xbox Remote Play on iOS possible for compatible devices with the update available right now!

    Best RUST Server Hosting Providers In 2020

    GadgetGang is back with another server hosting review and this time we're reviewing the best RUST server hosting companies. Without further ado...

    Blue Origin successfully tests New Shepard booster in test mission

    Blue Origin have successfully tested a new rocket that has been built to take humans on a mission to the Moon again...

    The Best YouTube Cameras in 2020

    Hey, we can't blame you for wanting to become a YouTuber. Every day more and more people are turning to YouTube as...

    The iPhone 12 vs iPhone 12 Pro

    All image credits: Apple The upcoming iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro have finally been unveiled in Apple’s virtual...

    Brazil to launch biggest A.I research facility in the country

    Brazil has decided to advance its endeavors into the artificial intelligence industry, by launching its largest A.I research facility in the country...

    The Twitter outage on thursday raises major security concerns among analysts

    Twitter said there was no evidence of any security breach on the platform. However, the outage has raised some concerns among users and analysts