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    North Dakota Bill Could Make Apple Open to Other App Store Competitors

    A North Dakota Bill could put Apple in a tight spot as it makes the tech giant open to competition on their own OS.

    Best RAM For Intel Core i7-11700k in 2021

    The Intel Core i7-11700k is a great central processing unit available to gamers at this time, offering eight Cypress Cove cores and has Hyper-Threading,...

    Xbox Series X Controller Syncs Across Consoles and Windows 10 Seamlessly

    Xbox Series X Controller Syncs Across Consoles and Windows 10 Seamlessly without the need of reconfiguring your controller again.

    Arctic Silver 5 Review – Still an option in 2021?

    If you’re building your first PC from scratch, it’s possible that you read through the instructions and saw something about thermal paste. Being new...

    You can now create a QR Code for any webpage or image in Google Chrome

    It seems that a new feature in Google Chrome lets you generate a QR Code for images or webpages without using a third-party website or service

    Terraria for Google Stadia Canceled by Creator

    Terraria for Google Stadia has been canceled by its creator, will this be the first of many cancellations to follow?

    Apex Legends on Mobile Coming Very Soon – Soft Launch in China First

    It seems that Apex Legends on Mobile is indeed a possible venture that EA is exploring but it will take time and effort to get there.

    The Best Fast Chargers For Xiaomi Mi 11

    Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun confirmed that Xiaomi Mi 11 will not come with a charger. The phone maker company’s decision was spurred by the...

    Activision Looking Into Tackling Warzone Cheater Situation Immediately

    It seems that Activision is finally paying attention into the Warzone Cheater situation after significant fan backlash has made waves.