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Megaman Legends Coming to PC, Steamdb Records Show

Records on Steamdb show that a port of the original Megaman Legends

Hatem Amer Hatem Amer

LEAK: Bully 2 ScreenShots Leaked on the Internet

Two fresh Bully 2 screenshots were leaked on 4Chan. The original poster

Sarthak Khurana Sarthak Khurana

Respawn Entertainment is Working on a New IP, Maybe an Open World

A job posting at Respawn Entertainment for GENERALIST SOFTWARE ENGINEER has hinted

Sarthak Khurana Sarthak Khurana

GTA 6 Weapons Possibly Discovered in References in RDR2 Files

Mysterious weapons referenced in files from RDR2 could be a hint at

Hatem Amer Hatem Amer

Rumour: GTA 4 Complete Edition Could be Coming to The PS5

GTA 4 Complete Editon could be coming to PS5 on April 29,

Sarthak Khurana Sarthak Khurana

dbrand is Working on Custom PS5 Faceplates

dbrand announced that they are working on custom PS5 faceplates. A British

Sarthak Khurana Sarthak Khurana

Sony Publishes Official Linux Driver For PS5 DualSense Controllers

Sony has published a new "hid-PlayStation" Linux driver PS5 DualSense controller that

Sarthak Khurana Sarthak Khurana

Scrapped Concept Art Reveals that Ubisoft was Working on a Cyberpunk Themed Game

The Director of Art at Ubisoft, recently shared Cyberpunk themed concept art

Sarthak Khurana Sarthak Khurana

Multiple Lawfirms File a Lawsuit Against CDPR for “Misleading Claims”

The New York-based law firms have filed a class-action lawsuit against CDPR

Sarthak Khurana Sarthak Khurana

Prince of Persia The Sands of Time Remake for Nintendo Switch Spotted on Ubisoft Store

Prince of Persia The Sands of Time Remake for Nintendo Switch Spotted

Rizwan Anwer Rizwan Anwer